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"Disinfecting Service for COVID-19"

Protecting You Is Our Top Priority! 

  • Residential
  • Military Bases
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Warehouse
  • Businesses
  • Corporate Offices
  • Schools
  • Gymnasiums
  • Daycares

 Yellow Tier

Orange Tier



Red Tier   

Our Yellow Tier package is a precautionary and preventative coronavirus disinfection plan. It is not in response to any suspected nor confirmed case of COVID-19 Coronavirus. It is simply out of an abundance of caution and care for the patrons, customers, residents, employees and the community of a business or apartment complex. It consists of daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning and/or disinfection.

Orange Tier is a cautionary and focused coronavirus disinfecting plan. It is in response to a suspected case but not a confirmed case of COVID-19 Coronavirus. This plan is best after a person suspected of being infected with COVID-19 was inside the building. It is a detailed, acute 10-ft down disinfection which includes a deep cleaning

Red Tier is an immediate, aggressive and intensive coronavirus eradication plan. It is in response to a confirmed case of COVID-19 Coronavirus on the premises and inside one or more of the buildings. This process is immediate and assiduous. We will customize a plan of action specific to you, the client, your business, employees and customers.

Training & Certification

Jill Wright is the founder of CDCF. Responding to the unmet need created by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jill started CDCF to defeat the lethal danger the Coronavirus presents to our community. A Fallon native, this is where Jill lives. She has an ownership interest in what goes on in Fallon, Churchill County, and all of Northern Nevada. She truly cares about the quality of life we all enjoy whether in our outdoor surroundings, or within the sanctity of our own homes and businesses. Jill trained and served as a volunteer structural firefighter, for over 15 years as well as a wild land firefighter for more than 10 years. A list of her trainings and certifications is included below.
  • Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • Community Analysis Process for Planning Strategies
  • U.S. Department of Energy Modular
  • Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training
  • Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Workshop

  • Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security Threats

  • National Fire Academy
  • Department of Public Safety 
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Wildland Fire Behavior

  • Wildland Fire Chainsaws

  • Advanced Fire Effects

  • DEC Awareness
  • Evidence Collection
  • Workplace Violence and workplace harassment
  • CERT
  • WMD Crime Scene Management 
  • First Aid

  • CPR

  • NIMS

  • ICS100-800

  • Cannabis Extractions Processing Hazards
  • Cannabis Facility Design
  • Fire Behavior Burn Boxes
  • Entry Fire Fighter
  • WMD-Attack & Response

Community Involvement

Jill is involved in her community and sits on many boards and committees Churchill County Coalition, Churchill County Safety and Security, TERC Committee, FPST Enrollment Committee and FPST Election Committee

Mission Statement

CDCF, a disinfectant service, strives to create a clean and disinfected environment for our clients and to build strong relationships with them by understanding their needs and providing for those needs with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.


             "We do what is right even when no one is watching"        -C.S. Lewis

There is a reason that this core value is first, and we take it very seriously. Without integrity, we cannot effectively meet our clients’ needs. Without integrity, we cannot develop relationships with our clients or with our employees.

We extend grace when mistakes are made by ensuring that they are corrected. We then give people an opportunity to grow and improve in their jobs. However, we never tolerate violations of integrity. We have to know that we can trust all employees without question.


“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”

- Booker T. Washington

By definition, excellence is “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.” We show up on time. We do what we say we will do and are men and women of our word. We work hard and complete our job to the best of our ability every time. After meeting these basic requirements, we are then able to go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations.


“The only source of knowledge is experience.”   -Albert Einstein

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